Latvian airline airBaltic has taken yet another step to reduce paper usage by digitalizing passenger onboarding lists and other necessary daily operational documentation. The paperless initiative is expected to save approximately 1.8 tonnes of paper each year.

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic says: “Sustainability is an integral part of our business and each of us strives to make this world better on a daily basis. Digitalized passenger onboarding lists is the next step forward. Our colleagues have done a significant job and we are happy to see that our cabin crew are excited about this improvement. From now on airBaltic cabin crew will not be using long paper lists anymore, instead all data will be received on iPads.”

Much of the paper documentation that has been eliminated relates to the airline’s ground operation’s department, and includes pre-boarding information, trip information and fuel figures.

In 2014 airBaltic introduced iPads to pilots allowing them to avoid carrying between 10-15 kg of flight details, manuals and reference material to each flight. Three years later iPads were introduced also for airBaltic cabin crew.

In October 2020, Latvian airline airBaltic published its annual sustainability report, providing information of airBaltic and its subsidiaries performance in this segment for 2019.

Full airBaltic sustainability report is accessible from: